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The Kars Community Recreation Association consists of volunteers that, through a service agreement with the City of Ottawa, look after the Kars RA Hall and Grounds, located at 1604 Old Wellington.

Membership is open to people in the Kars and surrounding area at no charge. It is also open to people with an interest in Kars, the Kars Community Recreation Association and/or Kars events.  You can contact the secretary or treasurer if you are interested in becoming a member.  A membership in the Kars CRA gets you a say in how the KCRA is run and in some cases a discount in programs put on by our organization.

The Kars CRA has a mandate to provide programs for the community and we are always looking for new ideas and input from the community.  Please use the information on the contact page and let us know what you would like to see at the Kars RA.

We have an executive board that consists of a Past President, five elected positions and several volunteer director positions (as many as volunteer).  Anyone interested in joining the Kars RA executive should call (613) 489-2524 and leave a message.

Kars Community Association Executive

President - Nadine Campbell
1st Vice President - Pat Declerq
2nd Vice President - Peter Niedre
Treasurer - Bev Brophy
Secretary - Eric Little
Past President - Shaun Tolson
Director of Rentals - Pam Little
Director of Entertainment - Marlene Casey
Sports Field Rentals – Daryl Hoelke

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