Kars Cenotaph


Remembrance Day in Kars takes place every year the Sunday before 11 November at 11AM. The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 314 organizes the ceremony. During the ceremony wreaths will be laid on behalf of the Federal and Provincial Governments, the City of Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Legion, the village of Kars, several community groups and private individuals. If you wish to present a private wreath contact the Legion Branch 314 at 613 692 3243 or at rcl314@ncf.ca and your presentation will be officially announced at the ceremony. One of the three churches located in Kars holds a reception after the ceremony, serving coffee, tea, juice, assorted sandwiches and sweets. The location of the reception will be announced at the end of the ceremony. All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Cenotaph Commemorative Paving Stones

Commemorative paving stones may be purchased on behalf of individuals or families. The request form is just to the right, click on Kars Cenotaph Paver Request Form. If you intend to order a paver, the completed request form and cheque can be dropped of at the Kars General Store. The paving stones may be ordered between the end of November and end of August each year and they will be engraved and installed in time for the service. All funds raised go to maintaining and improving the Kars Cenotaph site.

Maintenance of the Kars Cenotaph Site

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion and Kars Cenotaph Committee maintain the site. If you are interested in helping please email us at karscra@yahoo.ca and we will contact you.