Kars RA Centre Programs

Kars Indoor Trippers

Physical activity has been known to reduce cases of depression, anxiety and increase feelings of well being. Exercise is essential to maintain movement in your joints and keep your muscles as strong as possible. Regular activity is important for building and maintaining strong bones, reducing elevated cholesterol levels, and managing weight and high blood pressure. For reducing the risk of heart disease and regulating high blood sugar in diabetics, regular exercise is essential.

Walking has been designated by the American Fitness Institute as the number 1 best exercise for all around fitness. The Kars Indoor Trippers have been meeting twice weekly for the past six years to walk the RA hall and socialize. This free walking program is certified as "heart wise" as it meets the criteria established by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. This means it is suitable for individuals with heart disease.It is sponsored by the Rural Health Department and coordinated by Patricia DeClerq RN, Senior Fitness Specialist.

October to June
Monday and Wednesday
9AM to 10AM
Information 613-489-2291


Yoga classes offer the chance to move, stretch and strengthen the body, while exploring the mind and heart. Each class uses breath, posture, relaxation and meditation to explore a theme, helping you gain the physical benefits of yoga, and expanding your knowledge of how to apply yoga principles "off the mat".

Tuesday evenings, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Please contact Leanne, 613-821-9789, leanne@unfoldingpath.ca, www.unfoldingpath.ca